Insurance Agent and Broker Representation

The firm’s agents and brokers practice is focused on: (1) defending agents and brokers against errors and omissions claims; (2) advising agents and brokers regarding regulatory and other non-litigation issues, and (3) representing agents and brokers before regulatory bodies and at insurance arbitrations.

Additionally, the firm assists its agents and broker clients by counseling their clients on coverage issues and, where necessary, pursuing litigation of their coverage claims. The firm also provides advice to insurance brokers on compliance and wording issues.

The attorneys in the firm’s Agents and Brokers practice have more than 20 years of experience handling agents and brokers’ errors and omission claims, addressing commercial and regulatory issues faced by agents and brokers, and analyzing and litigating coverage issues through trial in both state and federal courts. This experience provides our attorneys with not only deep knowledge of the governing law, but also real-world knowledge of the industry and the practices and working environment in which agents and brokers function.