Product Liability

Product liability issues arise in numerous cases involving first-party insurance claims, transit losses, maritime losses, contract actions and personal injuries. Particularly in maritime, energy, and transportation cases, attorneys at the firm who have engineering, physics, chemical and metallurgical experience are able to identify design defects, structural damage, inappropriate materials, and manufacturing errors which have caused a loss, damage or injury. We are able to develop these theories with well-recognized experts in many disciplines and we have been successful in defending such cases and also in bringing actions against the entities responsible.

The firm has handled complex cases involving ships, barges, yachts, ferries, marine propulsion systems, offshore energy platforms and drilling equipment, container equipment, warehouses, terminals, railroad equipment, aircraft, machinery, trucks, elevators, power plants, mines, and factories that involve the design, construction, repair and use of these structures or equipment. Handling these cases requires familiarity with federal statutes and regulations, state law, codes, ordinances and in cases involving products manufactured outside the United States, foreign statutes, rules, and regulations. The firm’s attorneys handling products liability cases have knowledge and experience in this area and use that expertise in minimizing liability and maximizing recovery in matters involving product liability issues.