Employment Litigation

The rights guaranteed to employees under Title VII and various federal, state, and local statutes have made the workplace a fertile ground for employment litigation. In addition to claims of alleged discrimination based upon gender, age, race, religion or national origin, sexual harassment, and violations of ERISA, FMLA, and FLSA, employers may face claims of invasion of privacy, defamation, and liability for workplace violence.

Our firm counsels employers on guidelines, practices and procedures for avoiding such claims. Additionally, the firm represents employers in proceedings before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and State Division of Human Rights. In matters that continue past administrative proceedings into state or federal court, the firm handles all aspects of representing employers through trial.

In all cases where employment practices claims are brought, while pursuing an aggressive strategy to fully investigate and formulate a defense against claims, the firm remains sensitive to the fact that individuals are involved and relationships may endure after litigation has concluded. The firm works, wherever possible, to bring claims to swift, amicable resolution. If such resolution proves impossible, the firm mounts a well-informed, aggressive defense in the courts.

The firm’s attorneys have represented a variety of employers (including municipalities) in gender, race, age, and national origin discrimination claims and sexual harassment claims arising both from claims of specific harassment by particular individuals and from claims arising from allegations of hostile work environment sexual harassment, and ERISA claims. The firm also represents domestic and international insurers with respect to coverage analysis of issues arising out of alleged violations of federal and state laws governing employment practices.