Personal Injury

The firm has highly-experienced attorneys who handle a wide variety of cases involving personal injury. We have particular expertise with marine casualties involving injuries and death to seamen, passengers, longshoremen, dock workers, divers, shipyard and dry dock workers, terminal operators and other cases involving maritime casualties. Many of the cases involve application of statutes such as the Jones Act, Death on the High Seas Act and the Ship Owners Limitation of Liability Act. The firm also handles a wide variety of other personal injuries cases including Labor Law cases, aviation, automobile, exposures to toxins and other hazardous material.

The firm’s attorneys handling these cases usually have relevant practical experience. Our attorneys include United States Coast Guard licensed deck officers and engineering officers, former Navy, Coast Guard and Air Force officers with active duty experience, divers, pilots, and experienced mariners. We have litigated numerous personal injury cases in federal and state courts principally in New York and New Jersey, but also in other jurisdictions such as Puerto Rico, the United States Virgin Islands, Connecticut, Virginia, and Texas.